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Inject AI into a feature-rich live chat service


Go beyond live chat. Go beyond a basic bot. With the WhosOn chatbot platform, you get a feature-rich live chat solution bridged with the most advanced AI chatbot available.

Partner with experts

Deal exclusively with world-class chatbot technology. WhosOn offers native integrations with the leading chatbot frameworks, for smooth bot deployment. Simply choose your framework and plug it into WhosOn.

IBM Waston Chatbot - AI chatbot
IBM Watson
Azure Chatbot - AI chatbot
Azure Bot
Amazon Lex Chatbot - AI chatbot
Amazon Lex
Dialogflow Chatbot - AI chatbot

Streamline your contact centre

A standalone bot is of low overall value to your integrated contact centre operations. It can answer (some) FAQ in a silo. Little else.

That’s why the WhosOn chatbot platform supports a smart, streamlined contact centre. Your bot merges with your agents, your other support channels, and your reporting dashboards in one frictionless flow.

Chatbot virtual agent Conversational tag teaming

Agents can view bot conversations, and step in and out in a single uninterrupted thread

Live Chat Bot Channel Omnichannel interactions

Bots can bridge customer calls and schedule call-backs, all within the chat window

Chat bot management Bot management

Your bot is treated as an agent – subject to rules, hours, skills assignment and observation

virtual agent help - AI chatbot Single-point help

With support for file sharing and attachments, your bot offers a single touchpoint for customer support

virtual agent monitoring Reporting and dashboarding

Track bot performance, stream bot data to dashboards, and pull unified reports of all (bot+agent) chats

chatbot crm integration CRM syncs

Automatically enrich your CRM with conversational data – no manual copy-pasting required

Deliver a great bot experience

Pre-built bots don’t work. Or rather, they don’t work well. An effective chatbot deployment takes a little more time and preparation.

So, the WhosOn approach is a measured one. Rather than a quick bot fix, we focus on delivering the best possible experience for you and your customers.

Start with chat

You need a live chat channel in place for at least 3 months to gather data from real customer conversations.

Build a starter FAQ bot

With this conversational data, along with info from your knowledge base, you have a solid foundation for a successful phase one chatbot. All powered via WhosOn and your bot framework of choice.

Expand over time

Once in place, your chatbot can then gain intelligence incrementally and cover more conversational ground. Primed by custom reports and data analysis.

AI chatbot

Start scoping your chatbot project

With WhosOn, you’re getting a bot deployment in overdrive. You’ll have all the features required to boost your service offering and streamline your support desk.

Plus, you’re getting the best amalgamated expertise in the business. Get in touch today for a better bot experience.

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