Chinese services

Deploying live chat software in China

Deploying software into China is notoriously complex. So, if your company does business in the PRC, finding a live chat solution capable of complying with Chinese trade regulations is no mean feat. Fortunately, delivering chat in China is one of our specialities.

Our core competencies in China

  • Product localisation
  • Market experience
  • Dedicated Chinese server setup
  • Registration and authorisation processes
  • Custom contract creation
  • Legislation compliance

Mandarin deployment

We can deliver WhosOn entirely in Mandarin. This includes the chat client, the settings portal, the reports and analytics, and all other product accoutrements.

Feature configuration

The Chinese edition of WhosOn is as feature-rich as its UK and US counterparts. We can also customise any specific components of WhosOn for the Chinese market as required.

Authorised data hosting services

As an approved and compliance checked partner to Alibaba Cloud, we can securely host your chat solution in a data centre inside China.

Private on-premises licences

We can also provide a self-hosted edition of WhosOn. This means you can install the software on your own company server, and contain all chat data privately in-house.

Your task force for Chinese chat implementation

Liam Perez
Data Protection Coordinator

Here to help with data regulation and compliance in complex environments

Paul Clinton
Contract Services Manager

Here to help with a live chat contract suited to the Chinese market

Daniel Tallentire
Technical Director

Here to help with the technical complexities of software rollouts in China

Tried and tested in China

WhosOn is already an established live chat service in China. The necessary boxes have already been ticked; the legwork already completed. So, you can add chat to your Chinese website without endless compliance preparation and paperwork.

Start scoping your Chinese chat project

Before we start work on your chat project in China, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning the necessary work and get you set up with a staging environment.