Live chat for healthcare and pharmaceuticals

HIPAA compliant conversations made easy

Chat securely and confidentially with WhosOn. Whether it’s patient care or healthcare professional (HCP) chat, WhosOn helps you deliver the best in digital support.

“Our IT department researched products that would meet our needs, as well as the stringent security requirements of HIPAA and the healthcare world in general. WhosOn provided the best product, with a complete set of features and usability that we could fully integrate into our secure environment.”

Bhupesh Rathod

Enjoy all-new efficiencies

Validate, screen and classify chat users with a pre-chat survey

Get sessions to the best-placed HCP with detailed chat routing rules

Quickly send qualifying questions inside the chat using dynamic forms

Exchange relevant documentation inside the chat window with file transfers

Pull medical information from customer records into the chat via CRM integration

Send lengthy info (side effects, dosage instructions, etc.) in a click via canned response

Provide demonstrations or face-to-face consultations via video chat

Schedule callbacks and appointments using offline forms

Give informed assistance right away using visitor chat history

Automate routine first-line queries with our connector chatbot platform

Assist a multilingual mix of patients and HCPs with real-time translation

Take complex chat conversations into calls with omnichannel calling