Updated terms: what it means for you

On 25/05/2018 we’re rolling out updates to our WhosOn terms and conditions. We know that can sometimes cause confusion, so we wanted to give our customers plenty of notice and information.

Here’s a clear snapshot of:

  • • Why we’re making changes

  • • What we’re updating

  • • Who is affected

  • • What happens next

Why are we making changes?

As many of our European customers will be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect on May 25 2018.  In a nutshell, this new regulation gives European citizens more control over their personal data. GDPR extends protection against data breaches, and sets uniform rules on how companies handle data.

So, in response, we have updated the WhosOn terms and conditions. Firstly, the updates have been designed to drive transparency. They give you more information on our processes, with added detail on our hosting, security and data handling.

Secondly, the changes help both your business and ours keep pace with best practices in data processing. They are intended to make GDPR compliance more straightforward for all parties, and will ultimately make everyone’s lives easier.

What changes have we made?

Updates to the WhosOn terms and conditions fall into four key points:

  • • We’ve provided more comprehensive information on our cloud provider. This helps give you a clear picture of where and how your data is being hosted.

  • • We’ve added a clause to explain your responsibilities with regards to data permission. This clause states that we will safely store your chat data, but it’s up to you to obtain the permission to store the information.

  • • We’ve included a new data protection and security section. This breaks down the roles and responsibilities of each party with regards to data handling.

Who do the changes affect?

The terms and conditions changes apply to all WhosOn cloud customers. Users of our on-premises edition will not be affected – as self-hosted instalments of WhosOn take data privacy into their own jurisdiction.

Importantly, the changes are global in nature. Even though GDPR is a European law change, it represents excellent practices in data security. So, we’re carrying through the T&Cs changes universally. This means that even our customers outside of Europe can benefit from the updates.

What do I need to do next?

There’s no action you need to take. The updates will roll out automatically on 25/05/2018, and will not affect your WhosOn service.

However, we do encourage all our customers to review the updated terms in full to keep yourselves informed. We’ve sent you an email containing your new T&Cs, so keep an eye out. Please note that by continuing to use WhosOn you do so under the new terms.

You’re also welcome to contact us if you have any questions or require any further clarity. Drop us an email on customerservices@parkersoftware.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Useful information

If you’d like to read more about WhosOn and our policies, check out these links:

Downloadable resources

Alternately, if you’d like some help with GDPR compliance, we’ve created some resources you can download:

We hope this information is clear and helpful. Thank you for your time, and for using WhosOn!