The problem with using help desk software for enterprise live chat projects

Every enterprise will need a form of help desk software. And it’s highly likely their chosen solution comes with a basic chat package as an added feature.

When the time comes to focus on providing customers with a chat offering, then, it makes sense (at first glance) to make use of this help desk software feature. Or, indeed, to go for the package deal. But the reality is that doing so means you may well be missing out.

Here’s the problem with using help desk software for enterprise chat projects.

Help desk chat

Help desk software comes with all sorts of tools to help enterprises manage their customers. Typically, the core of help desk software falls on ticketing, knowledge bases, and self-help portals.

This means that any enterprises going for a cover-all customer service solution are likely to find a solid start with help desk software.

Most big help desk solutions also have live chat included as part of their range of features and services. And, as a result, many enterprises may be tempted to go for an all-in-one help desk software solution when looking to launch chat. Or, similarly, to run their large-scale chat project through the live chat function already built into their help desk software.

The problem

This is all well and good if you’re looking for a cover-all customer service solution. But if you need a formal live chat project, an add-on chat component is the inferior option.

In short, chat is not the core focus in big help desk platforms.

While the chat solution you get in help desk software will have the basic, expected features, it’s also missing a lot of potential. That is, the scope and range of live chat features and functionality aren’t going to be as sophisticated as they would be in a dedicated chat solution.

Live chat from within a help desk solution is a bit like the ‘lite’ version of a game. You get the base solution, but without the added functionality that makes it as great as it can be.

For busy service desks and contact centres alike, it doesn’t pay to treat your chat as a side-line.

Dedicated chat solutions

With help desk software, live chat acts as an added feature. But with a dedicated live chat solution, chat acts as the main event. It’ll be fully-featured, flexibly deployed to suit your needs, and crucially, support centric. A dedicated chat solution is one with the customer experience at its core.

Rather than merely being a feature, your chat channel comes with its own array of features. This includes things like chat-specific integrations to enable an omnichannel offering and smooth experiences. It means having analysis features that help agents and supervisors see opportunities for improvement or upselling, or the need for an empathetic approach.

A dedicated chat channel, in short, allows you to do more than simply offer a basic chat experience for customers. They come with the features and functionality you need to boost your live chat strategy, boost customer chat experience, and realise the full potential a live chat channel has to offer.

Jack, or master?

All this isn’t to say that help desk software is bad. Far from it. Rather, it’s about the needs of your enterprise.

Help desk software is the jack of all trades — including chat. A dedicated live chat solution, meanwhile, is the master of one. It’s the king of chat options.

So, when it comes to your live chat goals, is a jack enough, or would you be better served by a master?

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