Azure Bot vs IBM Watson: comparing the two bot framework titans

Amongst their vast suite of technology offerings, Microsoft and IBM are two of the best and biggest bot service providers […]

Chat benchmarks insights from the insurance industry

The insurance industry is transforming, with more and more consumers accessing and engaging with their insurance providers online

The disruptive force of finchat

How chatbots and conversational AI (‘finchat’) are transforming financial institutions.

Bridging the gap between expectation and experience

Price comparison websites and the case for live chat.

Are you speaking the customer’s language?

This white paper explores the impact of support bottlenecks, the need to speak the customer’s language, and the real value […]

Five steps to GDPR compliance: key considerations for customer service teams

Get your customer service team ready for GDPR compliance.

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50 live chat tips to delight your digital customers

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The 3 fundamental reasons your customers love live chat software

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Expert interview: coding in the classroom

In a skills-short IT industry, coding in the classroom has become a pressing topic. Nurturing the next generation of technological […]


The dos and don’ts of canned responses

Canned responses are a staple feature of live chat software. In a nutshell: a canned response is a pre-set reply […]