A shop assistant of the smart age

We're standing on the verge of the next customer service revolution

Communication technologies are advancing, and as they advance - they converge. But how can we blend the human touch with technology?


What's inside?

AI, chatbots and automation are driving new ways to communicate. A new frontier of comms is emerging, and the lines between human and robotic roles are blurring.

We investigate what comes next for companies and their customers alike. Authored by our CEO, and with contributions from leaders across the tech world, The Conversation Engine explores the future of customer service.

Chapter one Smart customer service

Modern customer service tech is the stuff of former sci-fi pipedreams. But today’s service is often far from a dream. We explore the current service landscape and the convergence of humans and tech.

Chapter two The user experience

Expectations are changing. Customers want instant usability, efficient design and effortless interactions. Get expert insights on developing and designing the user experience.

Chapter three The agent experience

We typically focus on the customer when analysing experiences with our products and services. But what about the experience of the agents at the other side of the screen?

Chapter four Social media and sentiment analysis

Machines have long been capable of understanding language. Today, tech is going beyond basic understanding and into complex sentiment analysis – with huge implications for customer service.

Chapter five Making big data work for you

‘Big data’ is usually the answer when people ask what the ‘next big thing’ in technology will be. So, what does it really mean? We interviewed a host of tech leaders to find out.

Chapter six Ideas and conversations in AI

AI is no longer the future. It’s already here, and you’re interacting with it daily. Read with us on the here and now of artificial intelligence, and what the future could hold.

Chapter seven Bringing the site to life

With the trend of conversational assistants moving into the ecommerce realm, can using a website ever become equal to walking into a real-life shop? You might be surprised.

Chapter eight Keeping your data secure

Businesses are being targeted by cyber criminals on a scale never seen since the launch of the web. With customers unforgiving about data breaches, security can make or break your brand.

Chapter nine The last mile of automation

Will automation wipe out customer service jobs? As the fourth industrial revolution rolls on, can humans retain their roles? Well, the future could be more integrated than you’d think.


  • Jo Causon, CEO, The Institute of Customer Service
  • Bob Muglia, CEO, Snowflake
  • Sarah Adams, Cyber Risk Specialist, PolicyBee
  • Doug Collins, User Experience Engineer, Trust Company of America
  • Michelle Mills-Porter, CEO, Ensize UK
  • Patrick Charlton, Director & Co-Founder, Buzz Radar
  • Jennifer Appleton, Operations Manager, ISO Quality Services Ltd
  • Nathan Walters, Digital Marketing Manager, Parker Software
  • Claire Williams, Senior HR Consultant, Fitzgerald HR
  • Graeme Gordon, CEO, IFB
  • Johannes Petrowisch, Global Partner and Business Development Manager, COPA-DATA
  • Claire Leigh, Director, Brampton Recruitment
  • Mark Wheatley, UX Designer, Parker Software
  • Andras Kenez, Lecturer, Staffordshire University
  • Alexandru Voica, Technology Communications Manager, Ocado Technology
  • Stephen Parker, CEO, Parker Software