Omnichannel calling

Omnichannel calling

Seamlessly switch channels with omnichannel calling. WhosOn allows operators to make calls from within the chat client, without breaking stride or losing focus.

This is powered by a rich Twilio integration. You need only a Twilio account and assigned telephone numbers/SIP addresses for your chat operators. Then, omnichannel calling is in your reach.

• Whenever a telephone number is detected, a ‘call’ option becomes available within WhosOn

• This option will first call the customer, then call the operator’s phone, then bridge the two

• Calls are logged in the chat, with an audio link of the recording made available in transcripts

• Operators can make calls in an active conversation, or as a call-back from offline chat forms

• Calls and chats do not impede each other, and closing one channel will not close the other

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