Understand your web audience

WhosOn comes with a powerful web analytics engine. To help you understand your user base and its behaviour, our live chat solution also offers a live reporting system that’s rich with insights.

Site entry alerts

  • Instant notification when a visitor lands on your site, to identify opportunities
  • Immediate access to key visitor details, to better know your customer base
  • Segmented alerts, to target visitors based on key differentiating factors
site entry alerts

Real-time visitor tracking

  • View each individual visitor journey in action, to analyse surfing habits
  • Set triggers based on what your visitor does, to connect specifically and strategically
  • Access live traffic stats, to predict user problems and reach out at the right time
visitor tracking
prospect detection

Prospect detection

  • Rule-based prospect recognition, to separate visitors from leads
  • IP look ups for companies and locations, to pinpoint and profile your web prospects
  • Visitor segmentation, to nurture leads effectively with live chat


  • 80 out of the box reports, to access up to date information on site and chat usage
  • Daily summaries and monthly reports, to see granular detail as well as quantitative overviews
  • Customisable chart and graph creation, to visualise your data simply
chat reporting
campaign management

Campaign management

  • Track visitors based on the campaign they used to find your site, to assess success
  • Use first referrer identification, to calculate ROI from your marketing spend
  • Create real-time alerts for each campaign, to act on the opportunity

Customer insights

  • Live research on the consumer, to find out name, location, company and contact details
  • Display web actions alongside personal user details, to form a rich, clear picture
  • Pull in existing user chat and CRM data, to have informed conversations
customer insights
configurable dashboards

Configurable dashboards

  • View live site activity dashboards, to analyse your website at a glance
  • Custom-configure your dashboards, to monitor the metrics that matter most to you
  • Filter your pool of customers by various categories, to visually segment data

Scoring system

  • Analyse chat sessions for sentiment, to calculate satisfaction with your site and service
  • View reports on chat usage and sentiment scores, to identify areas of improvement
  • Collate post-chat survey results, to deliver ongoing insights on customer feedback
live chat scoring systems
live chat exportsExports

Number-crunch your reports with exported CSV files

live chat invitesProactive invites

Analyse time on site and offer chat assistance

visitor listVisit lists

Sort visitor lists and view banned users

error reportingError reporting

Get informed about page errors or click fraud activity

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help deskHelp desk
management toolsetManagement toolset
live chatChat
live chat integrationIntegrations

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