Add AI to your help desk

Give your help desk team a helping hand with WhosOn. We offer the most sophisticated live chat functionality available – spanning bots, advanced analytics, conversational automation, and more. All designed to meet the needs of busy help desks.

How does WhosOn trump Zendesk?

Data control

Choose cloud or on-prem deployment, and set your own rules for data access and deletion.

Customisation scope

Fine-tune how WhosOn looks and runs on a granular level – no need to pay more for custom config.

Chat technology

A chat-first solution with an inbuilt help desk. Smart features for support teams is our specialty.

Out-of-the-box features

Get advanced tools as standard. We don’t freeze our best features behind higher price tiers.

Security focused

Protect your conversations with encryption, intrusion prevention, data masking and more.

Project flexibility

Power your own innovations via API access to WhosOn, or commission a project from our expert team.