Refreshingly focused chat

WhosOn is a dedicated chat solution. Unlike Intercom, we don’t offer a bloated service made up of multiple products and side-lines.

Instead, our focus is chat. Our development attention is lasered on sophisticated chat features. And that laser-focus shows through in the quality and clarity of WhosOn.

The smartest live chat features

Amongst hundreds of advanced features designed to make chat as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible, we offer:

Hybrid chatbots

Bots run admin for operators and feed supporting data into chats

Conversational automation

Predictive suggestions, auto-text and canned responses reduce manual typing


A chatbot operator alleviates the resource strains of FAQ handling

Sentiment NLP

Inbuilt algorithms gauge customer satisfaction as each chat unfolds

Live visitor analytics

Operators get real-time data on website visitors and their browsing behaviour

Two-way translation

Messages are translated back and forth instantly, with support for 100+ languages

Omnichannel transitions

Seamlessly switch between chat to call, SMS, email, or social message

Inbuilt help desk

Skills-based routing, chat history, remote control, and a full suite of help desk tools

Supervisor intervention

Monitor chats, “whisper” support to operators, and transfer as needed