Don’t treat chat as a side-line

For contact centres and busy service desks, chat is of prime importance. Your chat channel needs to be support-centric, fully-featured, and flexibly deployed. And quite simply, you’re not going to get that with a basic chat package rolled into your CRM software.

A laser-focused HubSpot chat alternative

Unlike HubSpot, WhosOn is a dedicated live chat solution. It offers a sophisticated range of chat features, all laser-focused on making customer support as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

So, the chat you’re getting isn’t an afterthought to a CRM solution. It’s our core area of expertise, with a product continually perfected over the course of more than 16 years.

The best features for customer support

Like HubSpot chat, WhosOn offers chatbots, customisable windows, and other expected essentials. Unlike HubSpot, though, we also offer the best features for a smart service desk.

Instant two-way translations in 100+ languages

NLP-powered sentiment analysis of chats

Omnichannel switching between chat, call, and SMS

Hybrid bots running admin for operators

Auto-text and canned response automation

Supervisor chat monitoring and intervention options

Video chat and remote desktop control

A vast suite of chat and performance reports

Sensitive customer data masking

Internal chat inc agent tagging, ‘whispers’ and transfers

Live web analytics and visitor tracking

Chat integrations across your contact centre tech stack