Enterprise chat and AI

Go beyond a cookie-cutter live chat deployment. As well as highly advanced chat technology, we provide flexible deployments to meet any live chat challenge. All with a specialist team at your service.

Get sophisticated chat features

Both WhosOn and LiveChat are feature-rich live chat solutions designed for enterprise use. But WhosOn is that extra bit richer.

Get superior value for money

Beyond this highly competitive feature-set, WhosOn is also a smarter LiveChat alternative when it comes to cost. You pay less, for more.

Get solution flexibility

With WhosOn, you get the chat solution you want. Not the chat solution included in a set package.

Tailored softwareTailored deploymentTailored support

Bespoke features and chat designs

Cloud hosting in your country of choice

Consultancy around your chat project

Custom-made integrations

Option to install on-premises on your server

Professional services focused on tech expertise

Specialist compliance projects

Dedicated server setup for enterprises

Chat training, both remote and in person

White labelled chat to reskin/resell WhosOn

International deployment, localised in any language

24/7/365 support availability

Build your own chat via server licences and APIs

Staging environment setup for smooth delivery

Same day workarounds for business-critical issues